Roje Khalique 

Consultant Clinical Practitioner & Founder of rkTherapy


Roje has provided evidence-based and personalised care to thousands of patients since 2009. Her clinical career, which includes learning disabilities, long-term physical health, neurological and psychological disorders spans 20 years. 

Roje is a clinical specialist in a wide range of anxiety disorders and depression.

Founder of rkTherapy, in 2018, a bespoke psychology service designed with the vision to challenge the stigma of mental health conditions and psychological threrapy in BAME communities.



The Unique Pressures: High Achieving Bi-cultural Women


As a woman from a minority ethnic background, I've experienced  both sexism and racism, sometimes simultaneously. In London, many professional women from ethnic communities face similar challenges daily, adding layers of complexity to their lives as they relentlessly pursue acceptance and equality.

Despite their exceptional talents and capabilities, these women often contend with societal and community messages, both overt and subtle, that they are somehow "not good enough." These damaging narratives emanate from various sources, including media portrayals, workplace dynamics, and cultural norms. This persistent sense of inadequacy can profoundly impact an individual's self-esteem and overall mental well-being, even though deep down, these women know they are inherently worthy.

A recent study uncovered a strong link between low self-esteem and heightened rates of anxiety and depression among women from ethnic minority groups. Those who are treated as though they are undervalued or inadequate are more susceptible to experiencing these mental health challenges (Anxiety and Depression Among Women from Ethnic Minority Groups).

For many professional women from ethnic communities, societal pressures make it difficult to feel fully embraced by their dominant or heritage groups, leading to a perpetual sense of not entirely belonging to either cultural sphere. This internal conflict prompts them to question their true identity and place in British society.

High-achieving bi-cultural women often find themselves trapped in a cycle of proving their worth, striving to meet unattainable standards imposed by a society that fails to recognise their remarkable value at home and in the workplace. This relentless pursuit of being "everything to everyone, everywhere, all the time" can result in exhaustion, self-doubt, imposter syndrome, and various mental and emotional health challenges.

It's crucial to understand that the problem does not lie with these women, but with the societal structures and cultural attitudes that propagate biased and prejudiced messages, pigeonholing them into predefined categories or cultural groups. These women possess multifaceted identities and capabilities, their strengths evident in their resilience and accomplishments across many domains. Yet, at times, this journey entails experiences of marginalisation and even ostracisation by the very groups they were presumed to belong to.

Addressing the needs of bi-cultural women requires culturally tailored therapy and mental health services that acknowledge their unique struggles with identity and belonging. By challenging stereotypes and biases within their dual communities, we empower these women to recognise their true worth both within their collective groups and as individuals.

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A Multi-dimensional Perspective


As a clinician in mental health service, I strive to bring a solution-focused, and lived-experience driven perspective to my practice. Born and raised in Britain, my British identity is my dominant culture, yet I resonate deeply with my South Asian heritage. Additionally, my faith and spirituality connect me profoundly with the Middle East. This rich blend of cultures equips me to deeply understand and empathise with the unique challenges faced by bi-cultural and trilingual professionals

Throughout life, I have navigated the challenging terrain of fitting in‚ÄĒnever fully belonging to any one group, yet capable of stepping into each. I have come to realise that sometimes you don't 'fit in' because you are meant to 'stand out'. By embracing this, you can set a foundation for a vision and a pathway that is truly unparalleled.

It is my view that this nuanced understanding is often overlooked in conventional literature and clinical studies in psychotherapy and mental health. This drives me to provide a culturally sensitive and effective mental health support for underrepresented groups in my clinical practice. I strive to provide a safe, non-judgemental professional space for those navigating the complex landscape of their truly unique identities.

It Wasn't Always Easy


During my years of clinical training in anxiety disorders I embarked on a personal journey searching for answers; what I do, and why I do what I do. Unknown to me at the time, for years I had been in 'survival mode'. I came to learn that so many people out there were in similar situations.

It's both my professional and personal mission to support as many people I can, who believe in their 'authentic self' and a 'higher purpose', move away from surviving to thriving in life. To guide the development of their emotional intelligence (EQ) and ultimately discover their true genius.

I believe most people will live their lives defined by their degrees and diplomas, and within the confines of their assigned roles, be that at home or the work-place. Only a few will create a legacy.


‚ÄúYou are not a drop in the ocean; you are the entire ocean in a drop.‚ÄĚ (Rumi).


A south asian woman standing with her luxury car and husky dog

The Challenges & The Woman I Became

As a third generation British Asian l always sought equilibrium in the choices I made, and at times these came with a high price.

Cultivating the tapestry of my Eastern and Western values, and an identity immersed in, at times two colliding worlds, is what has given me a steely resilience and made my life rich beyond measure.

I tell my clients "Don't waste time trying to be perfect, it's not humanly possible. Aim in being 'powerfully beautiful' in how you show up. How do you do that? Empower others, serve humanity, be forthright in what you believe (even if you stand alone) and leave your mark in the world."

‚ÄúHardships¬†often¬†prepare ordinary people¬†for an extraordinary destiny.‚ÄĚ ‚Äď C.S. Lewis‚ÄĚ

Roje Khalique MBPsS BABCP


Consultant Clinical Practitioner - Health Psychology, CBT & Specialist In Culturally Attuned Psychotherapy


Am I Your Therapist?

My work experience was at a special needs school and my first paid job was with a foreign exchange bank. I then found myself in the world of Investment Banking.  I learned early on that wealth creation was a necessity however, it was not the only priority - health mattered too. I have seen devastating effects on the mind and the body caused by both life threatening trauma and the demands of day-to-day life. I see so many people sacrifice their health for wealth. 

When you remove your mental barriers, build emotional resilience, and improve your physical stamina that force can withstand anything, and only then the 'sky truly is the limit'.  

To put it simply health equals wealth. 

I continue to be part of The City of London working with clients in the legal and finance industries. So that they can manage their mental and emotion well-being, whilst maximising their full potential.

A south asian female therapist on a therapy chair

Psychological Models & Therapy Interventions

The 3 Step Hierarchy of Resilience


The evidence-based psychological interventions Roje specialises in are; Health Psychology for physical health, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for emotional health and Psycho-Spiritual Therapy for spiritual health.

Other evidence-based methods include: Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT), Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT) and Schema Therapy, as well as Trauma Focused CBT and Mindfulness CBT. 

Human suffering can happen in three ways; physical, emotional and spiritual. Through two decades of training in clinical and health psychology (which include terminal illnesses and diseases) Roje uses a revolutionary framework to healthcare, which merges physical, emotional and spiritual health - The 3 Step Hierarchy of Resilience.

Email info@rktherapy.co.uk to find out more.